Rose School

Work to establish the Rose school building began in January 1910, located around six/seven miles Northeast of Imperial, originally owned by Addie B. and J. H. McKim. The school was later merged with the Mesquite lake School district, becoming the Rose-Mesquite property, before being purchased by the Barbara-Worth Brigadette club in 1949, a club meant to inspire and promote the skill of horsemanship to young women in the Imperial valley.

Photo of Rose School

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The club would eventually refurbish the building for use as a clubhouse, and later celebrate the relocation of the historic building to the Pioneers museum during the club’s 50th Anniversary in 1995. Bringing along the overhead shade and seating that the original Rose School students utilized as a lunch area; which is currently being restored, allowing us to hold events at the Rose School Building for years to come. 1

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